Egra Public

From the Desk of Principal

Egra Public School, the 14th September, 2017
Today, on this gala day in which new students of Egra Public School are being welcomed officially, Egra Public School is launching its official website – At the very beginning of this day, being the Head of the Institution, I convey my sincere gratitude all staff and students of Egra Public School.
In the past 5 years, Egra Public School has grown not only in strength and size but also in levels of excellence. Great Chinese Philosopher CONFUCIUS rightly said –
“I here, I forget

I see, I believe

I do, I understand”

Todays world is very different from one we grew up in, the one we were educated in. The world today is changing at such an accelerated rate and as educators we need to pause and reflect on this entire system of Education. We have to think deeply what the present society demands and we have to change ourselves accordingly.

Children are the FUTURE OF A NATION. So, we at EPS work at implementing a well ballanced curriculam to ensure that the children who walk into the portal of our school will truly be prepared to face challanges of life.

It was Margaret Mead who said “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think,” and to enable this, our moto of knowledge, imagination and innovation is to encourage through a holistic approach. “TO MOTIVATE THE WEAK, TO ADDRESS THE AVERAGE AND CHALLENGE THE GIFTED” is the teaching vision of our school.

“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”

Committed and dedicated teachers, co-operative and caring  parents, supportive management blend harmoniously to create EPS a childcentric school.

Team work is the hallmark of EPS. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the future leader of tomorrow.

With sincere and warm regards.

Mr. R.N. Maity